To Love A Texas Ranger (Men of Legend Book #1)

Love a Texas Ranger (390x640)


Men of Legend #1

Sourcebooks Publishing, October 4, 2016

ISBN: 978-1492630173

They are blood. They are brothers.

They are LEGENDS…

Meet My Legend Family:

Stoker Legend — Tough patriarch who runs the huge Lone Star Ranch and keeps his sons in line.

Houston — The one most like his father. He only wants to be a rancher.

Sam — A Texas Ranger who has no desire for ranch life.

Luke — An outlaw who never knew his father’s name until his mother lay on her deathbed. 

* * * *

Gravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate…only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?

Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra’s arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her—his life, his badge, his very soul—knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law…and some legends were born to be told.

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A noise from behind alerted Sam. Whirling, his finger tightened on the trigger and he shoved his Colt into the person’s face.

A jolt raced through him as he stared at Sierra.

She gasped as her eyes widened in fear.

“Thought I told you to stay in the shack.” He hated the harshness of the words, but he was reeling from shock.

For several minutes, his jagged nerves had trouble settling. He’d come within a hair of shooting her. He could still feel his finger pulling back on the trigger that would’ve sent a bullet into her. Sam’s hand trembled when he returned the Colt to the holster.

“I couldn’t wait. Something’s going on. What’s wrong, Sam?” A quiver in the words spoke of Sierra’s fear. “Where’s Andrew?”

“Andrew Evan is the outlaw Luke Weston and I’ve been chasing him nigh onto a year.” At her soft cry, he put his arm around her and held her next to him. “I recognized him this morning when I finally saw him without his hat. Those pale green eyes are burned into my memory.”

“I liked him. He seemed real nice. You suspected, didn’t you? That was the reason for the tension.”

“I knew he was familiar but he kept denying that we’d ever met.” He smoothed back tendrils of dark hair. “Since you’re here, you might as well help me bring the mounts to the shack.”

Pride, and maybe a little sadness too, rippled in her pretty eyes that reminded him of a pale blue sky. In fact, he wasn’t sure if they were blue or gray. Maybe a combination of both. Whichever, he loved looking at them.

 Her softly parted lips beckoned him as though a light that guided sailors on a dark, stormy sea.

Kissing her was the only thing on his mind.

Not Luke Weston. Not the trials they faced ahead. Not the time he’d have to spend twiddling his thumbs on the Lone Star Ranch. He knew he had to taste her mouth or die wanting.

Placing his large hands below her jawline, Sam lowered his head and gently pressed his lips to hers. Heat pooled low in his gut as he tasted the tangy sweetness that did faintly resemble wild honey just as he imagined.

He tried to hold back, to make the kiss light and meaningless, but need for her made it impossible.

In seconds, the gentle kiss turned urgent, demanding a response.

And Sierra did answer his invitation.  

With a smothered cry, she leaned into him, clutching a handful of his shirt, holding him to her. The passion and desire that filled Sam seemed to have swept her along.

That she didn’t pull away sent joy through him.

A low moan rumbled in his throat as he slid his hand into her dark hair. The satiny strands wrapped around his fingers, tethering her to him. Closing his eyes, he savored the feel of her soft curves molding against the hard planes of his body.

In that second he knew heaven wasn’t only golden streets and angels playing harps.

Heaven was Sierra Hunt in his arms.

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