Give Me A Cowboy



Publisher: Zebra/Kensington Publishing (Feb 2009)

Riding, Ropin’, and Romancing…

Your favorite bestselling authors have teamed up once more to bring you four stories sure to whet any western romance reader’s appetite! Journey again to the Texas Panhandle for an 1890 Fourth of July Celebration and Rodeo where the stakes are high and the winner will walk away with much more than the one hundred head of cattle offered as the grand prize!

In the rough-and-ready Texas Panhandle, the rodeo is where to find a real man. New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas teams up with DeWanna Pace, Linda Broday, and Phyliss Miranda to prove that the right kind of love can tame the wildest heart….

Silent Partner by Jodi Thomas

Luck of the Draw by DeWanna Pace

Texas Tempest by Linda Broday

Roping the Wind by Phyliss Miranda


 “Texas Tempest”

My story, Texas Tempest, features a Paladin-like hero who just happens to be passing through town on business. When five-time widow Tempest LeDoux lays eyes on him, she’s bound and determined to make him husband number six and lays her traps. Before McKenna Smith knows what’s happening he finds himself right in the middle of his own Texas Tempest with no help in sight. But, a slow waltz under a big Texas moon convinces him she could be just what he’s been looking for…


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Reviewer Harriet Klausner on Give Me a Cowboy:

“Five Stars! The follow-up western romance anthology to GIVE ME A TEXAN contains four wonderful novellas that occur in the summer of 1890 in Kasota Springs. Each tale stars delightful lead characters who provide different perspective to the same event. Sub-genre fans will appreciate this fabulous compilation insisting, like the heroines, that the authors… GIVE ME A COWBOY.”


Excerpt from “Texas Tempest” :


McKenna tumbled right into bottomless eyes the color of newly plowed earth and skidded to a stop.

The amused scrutiny Tempest LeDoux turned on McKenna almost made him swallow his spit sideways. And yet, her smile appeared rusty as if she didn’t get a chance to use it every day. One thing was crystal clear though, the sun seemed barely the flicker of a candle beside her sultry heat.

“Here for the rodeo, cowboy?” Her voice was like aged wine, mellow and smooth.

Dimples in her cheeks created little pockets and told him the lady could charm the pants off him and nary break a sweat. Speaking of sweat, he was mindful of his need for liberal use of soap and water. He added a bathhouse to his short list along with a shave before he rode on.

“Just passing through; don’t expect to stay long enough to ride any wild horses, bulls, or rocking chairs.”

Tempest LeDoux definitely wasn’t a shrinking violet. But then, the graves lined in a row told him that. She was probably used to working fast.

He’d better make it clear real quick that he wasn’t looking to be notch number six on her belt.

Even though he yearned to have someone care enough to tend his grave, he’d have to draw the line when it came to marriage. His jaw hardened. Love maimed, it hurt, and it destroyed.

But, whiling away a few hours in pleasant company was another matter.

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