SmallerRedemptionDorchester Publishing –  2005

Two brothers…one woman…and a secret that can destroy them all.

Laurel James thinks she’s found the respectability she craves when she agrees to marry the town mayor. While she doesn’t love him she hopes to build a comfortable life with him. And everything goes according to plan…until Shenandoah rides into town.

Shenandoah just wants to see family and find a place to rest his weary body. The swamps of East Texas offer a respite from the men who hunt him. Temporary or not he’ll take the peace he finds. But then he runs into Laurel and his dreams of a wife and family that he’d counted lost give him reason to hope. He’ll do anything to have Laurel in his arms…and in his bed.

If only they can together achieve…Redemption.



“Broday’s style of storytelling is captivating; readers become emotionally involved in her stories, REDEMPTION is a fabulous Reconstruction Era romance starring two super lead protagonists and a powerful insightful support cast. Post Civil War Texas is filled with action although the outlaws who invade the town make it too easy for Brodie to reassess Laurel. The triangle is delivered perfectly so that the audience will follow the heroine as she must choose between the brothers knowing, that when she selects, a chasm between siblings could result. This is a strong historical with a delightful not so tender love story.”  ~~ Romantic Times


“In her third western romance, local author Linda Broday once again brings her readers an entertaining and heartfelt story of passion in the old West. A gifted storyteller, Broday draws her audience into the past when love was something rare and worth hanging onto when found. “Redemption” will coax a smile, invite a tear or two, and warm hearts of readers everywhere.”  ~~ Sharon Galligar Chance- Wichita Falls Times Record News


“Linda Broday is a wonderfully talented author, who has a knack for bringing the west to life.  If you are craving a western, definitely check out her novels!” ~~ Roundtable Reviews


“Set in the days following the Civil war Broday writes a compelling tale that is warm, passionate and heart-wrenchingly emotional. All her characters are very well drawn as they portray both the tragic, the joyful and downright amusing personalities of the people whose strength of character made this country great. Not only does Ms. Broday deliver a well written story, but she’ll keep you on the edge of your seat in this passion laced tale that will have you alternately laughing, crying, and sharing in the joys and sorrows of real people seeking redemption.” ~~