My List of Christmas Movies

It’s that time of year! I just love Christmas movies. I love cuddling underneath a warm throw with a cup of hot tea or coffee and immersing myself in Christmas stories. I started this already with the “3 Godfathers” which I’ve ordered from Amazon but here’s a list of some I’ve watched and others that came recommended. I’m sure you have your favorites too.

I’ll begin with An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving that’s set around 1880. I’ve watched this many times. It’s about a widowed mother and her three children and they’re struggling to survive. The mother’s estranged wealthy mother arrives for a visit and they heal the rift in their family. Jacqueline Bisset and Helene Joy star in this.

The same family continues in An Old-Fashioned Christmas. The wealthy grandmother has taken the oldest granddaughter who’s a writer to Paris, trying to help get her book published. A secret is revealed, a dream comes true, and a family is reunited.



I found The Christmas Candle last year and I bought it. It’s set in 1890 and legend has it that in this town once every 25 years an angel visits the village candlemaker and touches one single candle. Whoever lights the Christmas candle will receive a miracle on Christmas Day. Chaos ensues when the candle gets lost. I loved this story.





Walton’s The Homecoming is one I’ve watched over and over. I love the simple times and the simple things they cherish. The Walton dad has been away working because he couldn’t find a job where they lived. He struggles to get home on Christmas Eve. The family hears there’s been a bus accident that left people dead and fear the worst. They send the oldest son, John Boy, out to try to find him. This is set during the American Depression.




My Christmas Soldier is set during WWII in a small Georgia town. A group of German POWs have been shipped there. Starving, the German soldiers wait shivering in a boxcar and a young American boy manages to steal some sandwiches and cocoa cocoa for them. One of the soldiers gives the boy his cross medal as thanks and the boy gives him a toy soldier given to him by his father. This is a powerful movie. The soldiers begin singing “Silent Night” in German and the Americans hear them and sing the song in English. A bridge of sorts between two warring nations. I saw this years ago and haven’t forgotten it.





The Christmas Shoes always fills my heart to the brim. A workaholic attorney (Rob Lowe) crosses paths with a young boy on Christmas Eve and discovers the boy wants to buy his mother a pair of red dancing shoes so his mother can dance with his father one more time before she dies. I always bawl like a baby every time I watch this but that doesn’t stop me from putting it on again and again.





Christmas in Canaan is set in rural Texas 1964 when race relations run high and features Billy Ray Cyrus. Two 10 year old boys from different backgrounds test their right to be friends. It’s been a few years since I’ve seen this but I’d love to find it again. The theme is that only the memories you make determine your happiness and peace in life.





Journey Back to Christmas is very different. It opens during WWII with a nurse who’s just been notified her husband is missing in action. Distraught, she leaves work and gets struck by lightning on the way home. She wakes up in  2015 and everyone thinks her clothes are a costume. A family takes her in and eventually they learn what’s happened. She tries to recreate the lightning strike that sent her forward in time so she can learn what happened to her husband. This was very good and well done.




The Christmas Card is a modern day story about a soldier in Afghanistan who receives a card from a woman in California. He keeps the card with him through every mission and it gives him strength to survive. When he gets out, he goes to the town to find her and thank her for sending the Christmas card. This story will make you cry.






In A Christmas Memory, a 7 year old boy lives with his spinster aunt and their relationship is truly beautiful. Patty Duke stars as a sister of the aunt and has a learning disability that makes her childlike which endears her to the boy. It’s set deep South during the Depression and is truly memorable. Patty Duke’s performance is incredible.



Here are some that have been recommended that I intend to watch this year if I can find them on Netflix or Amazon Prime.


Okay, it’s your turn. Tell me some of your favorites. We’ll share and all come out with more Christmas spirit than we can shake a stick at.

By the way…..Happy Thanksgiving!!


My List of Christmas Movies — 13 Comments

  1. Wow, I’ve never seen any of these movies. I have a long list to go through now. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Dale……..I’m glad you enjoyed the list. I’ve watched some of these multiple times and I never get tired of the message of hope and love. We need that now more than ever. Wish I was there to watch some of them with you.

      Love and hugs, dear friend!

  2. You’ve listed some really great movies here Linda. I love Hallmark movies I watch one last year I really loved, about a Christmas Train. I finally got to see Miracke on 34th Street. Sorry I cannot think of what movies I truly love because I’m at work and my memory just isn’t Remembering. But the ones you listed sound really great. I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Love you

  3. This is a great list of Christmas movies. There are many of them I haven’t seen, so will have to seek them out this year. 🙂 One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is “A Dog Named Christmas.” I saw it years ago and would like to see it again. I love movies where an animal helps heal. Thanks for your great list, sister!!

    • Hi Jan…….I’ve seen that “A Dog Named Christmas” and really liked it. It made me cry but then we need a good cry at Christmas. Animals really can be great healers.

      Love you bunches, sister!

  4. I love all your Christmas movie favorites, Linda, and I watch them over and over, too. One Christmas movie I truly like and enjoy watching is called Christmas for a Dollar, a depression-era story about the true meaning of giving at Christmas. Actor Dean Cain has a couple of Christmas movies that are at the top of my Christmas-watching list — The Case for Christmas and The Three Gifts. Hard to believe that Christmas is around the corner and Thanksgiving is in a few days! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

    • Hi Alice……Thanks for coming by! It’s great to see you. I don’t think I’ve seen “Christmas for a Dollar” but it sounds like one that will touch my heart. Dean Cain does star in a lot of those and I love him. He’s so good at wrenching emotion from the viewers. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was very good.

      Love and hugs, dear friend!

    • Hi Glenda……Oh yes, I loved “Christmas in the Smokies!” I found it last year and it was really good. Thanks for jogging my memory. I need to find it.

      Much love and great big hugs!

  5. Hi Linda! Thank you for the Christmas movies TBW list! With just having lost my Dad, my best friend, this year will definitely be hard. Some of these will definitely help pass the time for me. Today is the first birthday without a big bear hug from him but I am rejoicing that he is now pain and trouble free. He will be celebrating the holidays with his Jesus! What a gift!!
    Just wanted to send you Thanksgiving Blessings, a hug and wishes for all the best to you and your girls and your entire family! Love and hugs!!!

    • Hi Teresa……My heart aches for you. These “first” holidays without a loved one are so hard. My thoughts, love, and prayers are with you. Just keep it simple and try not to push to do too much. You can indeed rejoice that your dad is with Jesus and maybe trying out his wings.

      Much love, dear friend.

  6. Right now I am hooked on the Hallmark Christmas movies. I have already recorded several, and I just need to find the time to watch them.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Linda!

    • Hi Cheryl C…….Oh wow, thanks for coming! It’s always a treat to see you. Hallmark does have a great selection of Christmas movies. Some are reruns but they also add a lot of new ones each year. I hope you find some that will touch your heart.

      Much love and hugs!